Sunday, June 20, 2010

She Explores

She touched the piano keys tentatively, and played a tune from her childhood.
She stood in front of an empty pool and clapped to see how it would sound.
She fingered the storybooks, and licked her finger to turn the pages.
She walked through the rummage sale and played with the tiny carousel.

She plucked a bell,
Looked through loose photographs,
Flipped the pages of a book,
And an owl stared back.

She wanted a doughnut,
"80 cents," said the clerk.
"Mmmmmm, it's delicious." Her mouth was full.
Her red sweater was Scandinavian.

She asked her boyfriend, "Do you like being here?"
She wanted to hold hands with him,
But he didn't want to.

She wanted to know what he did when he liked someone.
He said, "I like to touch."
He stroked her leg,
And she asked, "Is that all?"

She liked to explore.