Monday, September 23, 2013

Taken Under The Wing

When I thought I reached my last hello.
There were a few who refused to say goodbye.
They took me under the wings of love.
And they offered us to the sky.

We soared together into the great beyond.
I never knew I could go so high.
Without trepidation or fear of a fall.
I sank into the clouds.

And thought about "forgiven" and "unforgotten."
Nor risked or struck, bylines forced to die.
Where went the golden chalice.
I shored beside the way.

Is it you who opened the gate to me?
Or have I always rested inside?
Never final and never gone.
You redeemed me even when I thought redemption was beyond my grasp.

It's the mask that I wear.
Whenever we meet.
But my face looks just the same.
Always with you in a land that time forgot.

Despite the wracking pain.
I wander with you.
Our hands are clasped.
In a lover's softened mane.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Lover with the Green Eyes

Oh, hello lover with eyes so green.
You caught me every time I fell.
No one understands us.
That's the way it is, you know.

I lost myself and you were there to help find me.
We kiss and fall into the thrall of endorphins.
Lost in your grace, your complexities.
You drive me forward leading me along the way.

Anyway you still let me stay.
And we're lost in each other.
Entangled like no one else.
And perhaps it's unconditional.

Although, my mark is about to be made.
For did you know I have treasures I haven't shared with you yet?
There's more here than you may know, even now when you've explored me for so long.
Never forget the love that we've made.