Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Cliché

There was a moment when he was unsure.
What would become of him?
Would he make it?
Someone knew he would.
I never asked.

I never ask.
No matter what I never ask that question.
I won't enter into a contract.
I won't wish it all away.
I am not here to be assigned.

Assignation happened a long time ago.
We role-play.
Our goal is understood.
It's not about the game.
It's not about the climb.

When you reach the zenith.
Where do you go?
There is always another mountain.
But what if you want to stay at the summit?
Of the one you love?

Forget about love.
Forget about death.
And realize what you came here for.
I am no more.
Resistance is futile.

And so the clock spins.
Wheels in a galaxy.
Random chaos
Theories about stars.
They said she would never make it.

I say she will.
That either means something or nothing at all.
Where were you when she fell.
From the ground to the sky.
Shooting star born on Earth.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not the Same

There was a mournful cry at my door.
And I let her in.
She sensed a change in the air.
And left as quickly as she came.

I was alone in despair.
Remembering all the things I had.
What I lost and what I left.
The scattered petals of a bouquet no one bothered to throw away.

In the morning perhaps I will feel different.
Then maybe I'll see the way.
But for the moment I'm forgotten and it's not the same.
If I had only done it right, then it would all be fixed.

Because I ran so hard and fast.
I never gave myself the chance to find what I wanted.
If I ignore my fear forever
I will never be content.

I'm afraid that I can't be who I promised I would be.
If I made a declaration and then reconsidered.
How could anyone ever trust me?
Sometimes it's okay that it's not the same.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Not What I Need

You couldn't stand to let me fall apart
You couldn't stand to see me as anything but beautiful
Or perhaps you thought I couldn't do it
Stand to see myself ashamed

How could I ever be anything but what you wanted?
What choice did I have?
Did you give me gifts of polished white gems?
How can I look at them and not be reminded of you?

You who are gone from me
Yet never far away
Always planning my next move
Yes, planning MY next move

I cannot move without you guiding me
Only with you can I find my way
If my heart is beating and my lungs are pumping
Then I know that you are there

Please remember that I had no choice in this
Please remember I had no strength
You are my eternal lover
I will say "I love you" even when you don't ask

So go off and find your way
Come and go as you please
I have nothing real to give you
You are NOT what I need