Saturday, August 1, 2015

Free Fall

I saw her fall in a free fall
She landed on a ledge
There is more distance to fall
I am scared for her
But I know she will be okay
I see so many wonderful experiences in her future
More than she even imagines and she's amazing
I someone, a father, who protected the seed with hard armor so it could survive
He catapulted it away from him so he could watch it grow
It did, into a tall tall flower
The stem is so long it exceeds expectations in the final affair
This is not me
I grow underground now, because I'm roots
I will never have a stem like a wine glass
I grow in silence and bright lights
I grow in crowds and back alleyways
How do you grow?

In the free fall
We can either open or close
Did you open or close?
I don't know
I'm talking to you from the other side
The other side of what?
I don't know
I'm somewhere small forever, inside myself
I'm confined by strict laws and limitations
I'm a preserved species of the fourth kind
Welcome to Noah's arc
I won't say anything people.
Under the sea they open vessels and fill them with artifacts
They're working together
The Panterra and the Scion
It's a beautiful thing to see
I'm in love, I go in love, and I leave in love