Monday, February 22, 2016

In a Dream - Duplicate Post

In a dream I had I was sitting with a journalist at a press junket and my man was watching us from behind the camera. "They" weren't sure if I would be able to handle the topic of conversation. The journalist covertly presented the topic to me while we were chatting...she was hinting. She had long shiny thick chestnut brown hair, manicured nails, expensive flawless makeup, and brown eyes. It was her nails that I admired with something close to envy. They weren't very long, but it was the shape that struck me, it was as if they'd been trained into perfection over time. And they were painted a shiny navy blue that looked good with her chocolate brown summer coat cinched at the waist. Her nails matched her jeans. The woman was a standard of excellence that can only be found in L.A. A woman size zero, but still with curves. A competitive woman who trained and ate on a strict diet so her size zeros wouldn't pinch her when she sat down. There had to be a little breathing room.

So when the journalist started hinting to me that the topic was going to be on food and dieting I switched gears. I complained about eating nearly an entire bag of mini marshmallows and feeling like my teeth were going to fall out. She didn't complain about anything. But she did say eating a slice of cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory is probably worse. And we laughed. That was when my man walked away with a slight smile on his face. He knew I was going to be fine. He was like a father watching over me, because he wanted to keep me innocent. He liked me being innocent.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Fair Game

Bring me to the shore and let me see the water.
You might look at me wondering if I'm going in.
I'll avoid the undertow and the rocks.
But somehow there's still a wondering - about whether or not I'll swim out too far - never to return to you.
Or whether - even though I can swim - I might leave anyway - it's just like me.
And all this time we're standing there and hearing the water and watching the sand get damp over and over.

In the end I do go in but I keep my clothes on - for the most part.
And even though it's been a long time I'm swimming like a dolphin.
I can save you from the shipwreck and the sharks.
The sharks swim around me but they leave me alone.
You see me swimming and diving and there's a silent joy - like a single tear appearing and falling down my face.
Leave your clothes on, stand on the shore, stay dry, stay warm, you shine the way home to me.