Friday, January 30, 2015

Sparkle Me

Glossy, shiny, brilliant lacquer
Black, bold, stained like ink
Smooth alabaster, live like a statue
Blue, brown, green, hazel, gray, violet

Smooth, golden, brown, black or white
Crisp cuts of fabric
Balance on toes, strut
Blank canvas; your thoughts extraneous

Glitter, translucent, dynamic soul
Reminders of class, status, acts
Calm, cool, low whisper
Disembark for stages

Replace a theory of otherness
With momentum and collide
Aeronaut of the skies
He flies, she flies, he flies

Triangle power - risky business
Quadrangle - dealings how human
Sexuality soaring
This is how we survive

A conquest with a different person each time
Never the same woman
Draw me back and I'll turn myself into Saturn
The night is a good time to cry.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"The Soul's Bright Home" available on Amazon sometime next year...

On 1/19/15 I received an email from Melanie M. Eyth asking me for confirmation that she could publish a poem I submitted to her last year. My poem 'forget me not' will be published in a compilation called "The Soul's Bright Home" next year (it will be available on Amazon for about $10).

Melanie also published my poem 'love left' on her blog:

I would like to thank her for her inspiration. There are a lot of amazing poems on her website. Check it out if you get a chance.



Thursday, January 15, 2015

In Another Word For Blue

The day went away
I was sure it wouldn't come back
I make the time lying awake
To think about tomorrow
Last night I got two names
Both are different men
One outpaced me
The other is sorry

But you, you always surprise me
With your audacity and the confidence
Of a thousand men
You order me around
And I act like I enjoy it
Sometimes I do
You haven't changed
Enigma that you are

Makes me sure I'll go far
There are so many amazing people
In my life
I have some rotten hatred
For Cleopatra the star
I need to pull it out and place it somewhere
I have help
I should just be relieved I made the cut

I jumped over a vast ravine
From the inferno, to purgatorio
And here I am in a strange place
Between two worlds
And I can walk back and forth
With the right people
I don't know where I'm going
But I can never go back

Lucky for me you went first
Like the man you are
You wouldn't tell me to do
Anything I really shouldn't
Or anything you wouldn't do yourself
If you were me and I will be you
There is really nothing we can't do
But you know that's true

And I know you're out there
Working with silent determination
I am a replication
There is unbounded joy
Ancient colors
Boldness in another word for blue...luz...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

When you asked me to please leave
I felt like a part of me died
I had to pull myself away
And not to understand at all
I don't understand my life

When I set my good intentions
I feel like life immediately checks me
Can confusion vibrate to the bone?
My amelioration is so total
I do not know where I begin

I know my past, but don't dare to repeat it
I feel a deep pain mixed in with my love
There's a part of me begging to go
And there's a part of me that has no hope
And anger and disappointment and fear

And maybe I am right about a few things
And dust deflowers me
And people hate me for existing
And they are enraged I can die
And I do not love all of that

In fact on the surface of my face
There is a calm which doesn't exist inside
To pour the poison out I have to be alone
To take the poison in I need only breath
I thought someone said war

As an artist I use war for ugly creations
And as long as I have hands I will write
Even without instruments I can mark
My mind with thought
Etched into one of my fixations

And to all of you who lived with me
It was always I who lived with you
And I remember the totality
And the lack of hesitation
And to stare as the castles fall

I have holes in my back
What kind of material am I made of?
I heard Lady Gaga is made of plastic.
I have ideas
People don't like

This was going to be about my hatred inside
Actually it was going to be about desolation Angels
If I come willingly may I be guaranteed last place?

Friday, January 9, 2015


The cortex is thin
The cortex splits
The cortex is like a ligature
Around my neck

Or a cortex spirals
Or it looks like DNA
Or a cortex is tightening
Up inside my belly

I'm involved with a debate
You can see me out there
In the great beyond
Beyond my short blonde hair

I was sure I would be dead by now
Sometimes I wonder if I am -
Am I a ghost writing?
Or a cat come to play

It's my cerebral cortex
I was avoiding it
Whatever that means
I thought I knew something.

To write something evocative
I become overwhelmed
My body fills with intense emotion
And I am filled with fear.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Art Form #127643.01

started drawing or painting and with each mistake try to make it into something. Mostly abstract with cartoonish aspects. Color

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2 RiverView

Radiation sickness
the hurt swells red in a ball of fire around my cranium
my tongue thickens and i expect
black tar to seep out through my taste buds
I grow hot, cold, hot, cold
flames freeze me and I wonder