Monday, April 25, 2011


The lost souls
With no loved ones
To protect them
Disappear from hospitals, prisons, offices, schools...
Never to return

Where have they gone?
What did they see, hear, witness?
Who experimented on them?
Who cremated their bones into fine ash?
Who will remember these ghosts?

What happened to their right to live?
They were turned into petri dishes for some mad scientist.
When they begged people to listen...
Everyone turned their backs.
Called them crazy.

When they begged God for some respite...
He was mute.
Bodies were needed.
Human subjects...
For the operating table.

A swift injection in the night or day
The staff looked the other way
A quick removal...
Sometimes by ambulance,
Those chariots that are supposed to represent "help"

Be very cautious of your rescuers
For they may be the emissaries of death.
They may be employed by government you have never imagined.
They may be untrue and corrupt.
Deadly killer in the guise of Savior.

Remember what your mother taught you...
Don't go to strangers
Don't trust anyone that you don't know...
And then go farther
Trust no one, for everyone has a threshold.

Go in solitude into the mist
Go in love for your friends and enemies
Go in clarity of heart and mind
Go in totality
Go, for the sake of the children, go

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