Monday, September 23, 2013

Taken Under The Wing

When I thought I reached my last hello.
There were a few who refused to say goodbye.
They took me under the wings of love.
And they offered us to the sky.

We soared together into the great beyond.
I never knew I could go so high.
Without trepidation or fear of a fall.
I sank into the clouds.

And thought about "forgiven" and "unforgotten."
Nor risked or struck, bylines forced to die.
Where went the golden chalice.
I shored beside the way.

Is it you who opened the gate to me?
Or have I always rested inside?
Never final and never gone.
You redeemed me even when I thought redemption was beyond my grasp.

It's the mask that I wear.
Whenever we meet.
But my face looks just the same.
Always with you in a land that time forgot.

Despite the wracking pain.
I wander with you.
Our hands are clasped.
In a lover's softened mane.

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