Monday, February 11, 2013

Not What I Need

You couldn't stand to let me fall apart
You couldn't stand to see me as anything but beautiful
Or perhaps you thought I couldn't do it
Stand to see myself ashamed

How could I ever be anything but what you wanted?
What choice did I have?
Did you give me gifts of polished white gems?
How can I look at them and not be reminded of you?

You who are gone from me
Yet never far away
Always planning my next move
Yes, planning MY next move

I cannot move without you guiding me
Only with you can I find my way
If my heart is beating and my lungs are pumping
Then I know that you are there

Please remember that I had no choice in this
Please remember I had no strength
You are my eternal lover
I will say "I love you" even when you don't ask

So go off and find your way
Come and go as you please
I have nothing real to give you
You are NOT what I need

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