Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Cliché

There was a moment when he was unsure.
What would become of him?
Would he make it?
Someone knew he would.
I never asked.

I never ask.
No matter what I never ask that question.
I won't enter into a contract.
I won't wish it all away.
I am not here to be assigned.

Assignation happened a long time ago.
We role-play.
Our goal is understood.
It's not about the game.
It's not about the climb.

When you reach the zenith.
Where do you go?
There is always another mountain.
But what if you want to stay at the summit?
Of the one you love?

Forget about love.
Forget about death.
And realize what you came here for.
I am no more.
Resistance is futile.

And so the clock spins.
Wheels in a galaxy.
Random chaos
Theories about stars.
They said she would never make it.

I say she will.
That either means something or nothing at all.
Where were you when she fell.
From the ground to the sky.
Shooting star born on Earth.

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