Thursday, April 18, 2013

Obscured by a Monster

He's out to get me I thought yet again
And I frowned
Another night awake thinking through how I would outdo
So afraid I would have to act cool and let him in

That man is dangerous
He's a carnival of insanity and ruthlessness
He got to me 
I should be dead

And he's out there living in some sickening place
Unclean and inhuman
A threat to the human race
And he brings carnage to his endeavors

Get too close
And you'll lose no matter what
Because he's not loyal and he's not true
The bastard is going to come after you

Maybe it's the poison he lives off of
That turned him into a clown
I have to believe that this was always his fate
He made a choice

The intelligence is there
The persistence is there
The inspiration present
But the truth is gone

A man who doesn't know what is true
Is lost and desperate
And protection will falter all at once
Until the threat is gone

And then sweet relief for the survivors
Who no longer have to live in fear
Of the villain whispering threats into their ears
That is a bedtime story I can live without

I won't grieve the loss
He's not a man at all
And hopefully over time
I'll forget the innocence I lost

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