Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Final Track

Or maybe you once were someone who cared.
But the World beat you into a deformed shape.
Now you're preying on flesh...
Because it's the only thing that satiates you.
And I suffer
I suffer
And it's unbearable, but you don't mind.

Lost in a horrible place
I am without friends.
They have something I can never reclaim.
And I suffer.

The pain doesn't make me stronger it destroys me.
And you watch from a distance.
While I suffer.

And who ever said that I was the one?
The one without a conscience?
How wrong can a person be?
If I am constantly being sold like chattel, then when is my final sale?

No one cares.
No one does anything to help.
And I suffer.
It's all in my head anyway.

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