Monday, December 2, 2013

Cats in the Next Life

For now there are two people, but perhaps in the next life they'll be cats.
Cats speak in a different language, they speak Catonese.
In the next life they'll be of the feline persuasion.
In this life these two people are one man and one woman.

The woman feels she is never the perfect woman in the man's eyes.
The man is passionate and devoted to what he believes in.
In this life he is good at prose and weaving golden nets for fish to jump into.
Mistaken by the woman he is at a loss.

The man is waiting to become a soft cat curled in front of a fire.
He's sweet on his future life.
The man likes riddles and games.
Probably because he's good at them.

A cat's riddle is centered around wondering what's for dinner.
A man's riddle is collected over time, gain, and loss.
Ask a cat to write a poem for you and you may not get exactly what you imagined.
A cat produces obscure thoughts in tongues.

One person, the man, decided cats cannot write.
If the woman believes the man is virtuous and dignified she is not a cat.
If the man believes he is due an apology, he is most definitely not a cat.
The man and the woman may desire to become cats, but in this life they are people.

People get in fights over the most ludicrous details.
Cats fight over tuna.
Oh, that our lives could be simpler!
Instead the woman minces around wondering what to say to the man.

The man decided he had to end the romantic connection between him and the woman.
He wanted to end it face to face.
Whisker, to whisker, her nose touched his.
They are cats and this life is over.

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