Thursday, December 5, 2013

I'd Walk A Mile

I'd walk a mile for a day alone with my best friend.
I feel alone without her good grace.
She's put together when we meet.
As girls we discuss our wedding days.

I think she's beautiful,
She thinks I am too.
Our lives run parallel.
Twin train tracks leading home.

We could wander the streets of any town and have fun.
Or simply sit at home in front of a fire.
She sings for me and not off key.
We're wired to sit listening to her latest musical creation.

I'm sorry I'm not perfect, and neither is she.
But we can ride the rails into eternity.
Tomorrow she's going back to rolling green hills.
And I am left to ponder what good friends do when they're split apart.

She says I can come live with her.
I agree, but she can come here too.
I don't know if we'll ever live together again.
But I like the idea of agreeing.

In times of change we're still best friends.
In times of strife we can hold hands.
Even if it's only a memory.
Even if she's not with me.

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