Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The answer is//

The answer is//

He's a runner of stairs
He's a buyer of merchandise
He's a collector
He's a poet

Low tones register

At least I’m not ignorant and ungrateful
He’s dignified and it shows, you’ll be treated with dignity too
The elements he’s mastered extend to the people he meets
If you take the gifts for granted you’ll feel the burn

The all-seeing-eye
The core of it’s bright, not dead at all
The goal is the ultimate
We don’t stop and we don’t stop

Deep blue depth that is you, once I mistook you for blackness
Hollow me out and come inside to rest
The golden rice I borrowed bought me two times the white rise
To borrow you I’ve got to get a contract

There’s this guy who might want a contract with me, but no marriage
When I was missed the most was when the moon eclipsed
Or is it that when the moon eclipsed - I appeared more brightly - and you missed me
Or was it the moon wasn’t eclipsed at all it was on vacation?

Polished Rose Quartz

If I were going to make a prediction: I would say:
The next president will be Republican.
He will be a maverick.
He will have an attitude and style that people are shocked by
He’ll take away our freedom of choice.

The next president is going to smash outdated precepts
He’s entrenched in the entertainment industry
He’s been through more than you can imagine
He was homeless for a while
When I met him he told me he would be the next president and I believed him

The science of prayer, like the mind of a demon
“Let it develop” 
“It needs development”
By the light of the dark dark mmmmooooon

It was thoughtless of her to deny the crude and banal notice

It was his eyes that were warm like a tanned woman’s back

It was the cross they bore together that made it ok

It was the demon king’s alibi

It was the saint’s way of saying - “Pardon me.”

Give me the name of one person you will never see again

Borrow me for a while, but return me in one piece

I lamented the woods

The dry tinder sparked into a million colors

Grow branches before me

Hide the invisible one in your best location

The one you never promised to forget

He told me to tell you to be aware of him

In so many words

The namaste inside you

The green embroidery covered the table like a cloak of moss

My antennae is short

Your arms are long and keep you still - in one location

We’re all spread out, hiding in our caves, waiting for you


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  1. "Hollow me out and come inside to rest" -- so sexy.