Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Storm Coming or Smells Like Snow

A storm is coming upon us, yes, I read the signs.
I dreamt about drugs and addiction.
I pulled a nano bug out of my cheek and a long sinew came out.
I trusted in the decision that I was to be kicked out.
The girl came to tell me.

My green-eyed friend was there of course.
He changes colors every night.
Do you know the people you are relating to?
Or are you impressed by nothing but yourself?
I am all the girls in the world rolled into one.

Lost in characters, you play your charade.
I grow calmly into a tall flower.
My stalk no longer has thorns.
Pick me if you please, my roots are strong, but don't pull them up.
I am a perennial.

I remember when I read a play about me and I balked.
I am all the definitions for crazy in the encyclopedia, but only when I need to be.
I don't need to be anymore.
Sanity is undervalued.
I hope my sanity infects you with the desire to hire four more Indigo Children for the march.

We will march into the storm and cry, icicle tears.
We are in a permanent state of freeze.
The gale is warmer than we are.
When the truth comes out you won't come running.
You are already breathing very hard, over my shoulder.

So roll the dice and take a stand.
If it's double sixes we can be together.
"If it's snake eyes you're in for a treat," said with an ominous undertone.
If you actually roll dice because of me…you're hopelessly devoted.
Any other number and I was wrong the whole time.

What is that you say? This poem isn't about storms.
I said there was a storm coming and I meant it.
Batten down the hatches and shut your doors.
Paint symbols somewhere, even if they are only small.
And remember the tiki God who flies with you as you go into the Bermuda Triangle.

Now go before you lose your nerve.
I am already on my way despite my lack of perspective in your eyes.
I am simply better at acting my part.
I am always prepared for storms whether or not I look it.
Tread lightly on rotten boards, they will fly far in the hurricane.

Grow into a kite painted purple and blue with red stars and white stripes.
Think about freedom and height.
Let the wind take you higher.
Calmly assess your direction.
And become a storm rider, rider of the storm!

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