Saturday, November 2, 2013

Alone With Myself

Have you ever been alone with yourself?
Everyone has and it can be fine.
Unless you don't like yourself.
I do and I wear my sunglasses at night.

I wear something sexy, smooth.
I don't cut corners.
I like flashy bags studded with gemstones.
You're playing the saxophone in a back alley.

I come upon you, clicking my heels on the pavement.
You're the usual dark suspect.
I saw you riding a fast motorcycle earlier in the day.
You didn't even pretend you weren't following me.

I don't mind it when you do.
You cut a slightly less stalkerish appearance than any man I know.
You can follow me anytime.
I promise I'll invite you in and there won't be tea.

I see you sitting and gloating, since we both know you think I'm writing about YOU.
I'm not, I'm writing about a simple fantasy I have brought on by pop culture.
Wanna pop it in your mouth.
A delicious semi-sweet fantasy.

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