Friday, July 18, 2014

The Past is Not the Present

Sometimes we all need a reminder that things aren't the same.
I know I'm different, but some people seem not to have changed.
I leave a comment here or there, what's the point?
I just wanted someone to know.

I've tried to take myself away from people's lives before.
But they come knocking at my door.
I wonder why?
There are so many others out there who are easier to handle than me.

I listen to advice and insights.
I appreciate sincerity, but I don't say everything.
I wonder how long it will take for the whole truth to come out.
If it ever will.

I learn how to rebuild.
I listen to what my self tells me.
It tells me things in silence at times.
But I get the message.

I hear the innocent words of a friend fall on me like soft rain.
Tomorrow, I no longer look to tomorrow for epiphanies, there is only today.
I continue to feel like I walk a fine line.
Tread here, do not tread there.

But inside of myself I am steadier.
I am more committed.
And I believe in something beyond walls.
I hear the words, "Lucky, I am lucky."

And part of my luck is bound up in something greater.
Definitely something larger.
But it brings me back to myself repeatedly.
"Grow," it tells me to grow.

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