Friday, August 8, 2014


Visionary work is often overexposed or out of focus.
Say yes to adventures and memorize survival manuals.
The providence of success left me wondering what to do now.
But it was the geniuses who were audacious enough to think they couldn't be kept out.

Watch the disconnected signs vanish: the immorality, the apathy, the irresponsibility, and the laziness.
A dead end was - the truth - it stopped him.
When people "don't get" what you're doing, subsequent discoveries will amend that, in some cases.
There was the fear that empowerment would wrestle the shackles away.

She has the ability to dye her imagination any hue and to recover from anything.
Your chance for stardom is to imbue us not with feelings, but rather with life force.
The rapture of truly living cannot confine us to a zoo, there are no bars where this bird sings.
My totalitarian innocence is better than connecting the dots for you.

"Saturnia" - a definition of sanity - past and present.
The nature of man is the vessel we use to explore life, not hate it.
Cross-pollination is the device, right?
The human adventure is the desire for improvement and God.

Do a back flip, we cannot approach them directly.
Children are the "eureka" that keep everything alive.
We're working on different frequencies.
You and I.

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