Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Plan...Was...

"Refresh my memory...how was this supposed to go?" Asked Moon.
"I don't remember, but this is all wrong," replied Beach.
"But you have to admit that on many levels we're, well, not early, but precisely on schedule."
"I would feel better if this wasn't all hinging on hitting our marks down to the split second."
"You can have it this way, or we all speed up and find ourselves in unison again."
"Can I have it so we create an optical illusion, and it looks like we arrive before we do?"
"What a silly, stupid question. We've been doing that this whole time."
"Sometimes I forget what we've done."
"To God I could become as forgetful about our operations as you."
"To the Devil I could remember what I've done."
"To us becoming less of ourselves with every passing day."
"How poignant."
"How dignified, and yet totally slatternly."
"Why is it when women..."
"I'm curious..."
"We've no gender orientation. Just stop."
"You fermé la bouche."
"I don't want to have this conversation again."
"Suck it."
"If you put it that way. I wish I could walk away from you right now."
"I wonder why it is they love us."
"Is it because they can count on us?"
"Men love us too."
"We will always be here, and when we're not they won't be either."
"Remember back in the day when they were all naked, with long hair? That was when they stayed off the sand. They lived in the trees."
"Somewhat accurate account."
"I remember."
"There are two things I will remember when I die. The entire universe in its entirety and mermaids."

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