Friday, January 30, 2015

Sparkle Me

Glossy, shiny, brilliant lacquer
Black, bold, stained like ink
Smooth alabaster, live like a statue
Blue, brown, green, hazel, gray, violet

Smooth, golden, brown, black or white
Crisp cuts of fabric
Balance on toes, strut
Blank canvas; your thoughts extraneous

Glitter, translucent, dynamic soul
Reminders of class, status, acts
Calm, cool, low whisper
Disembark for stages

Replace a theory of otherness
With momentum and collide
Aeronaut of the skies
He flies, she flies, he flies

Triangle power - risky business
Quadrangle - dealings how human
Sexuality soaring
This is how we survive

A conquest with a different person each time
Never the same woman
Draw me back and I'll turn myself into Saturn
The night is a good time to cry.

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