Saturday, February 21, 2015

Respect the Lines

As I begin to understand respect...
Correct that: I am bringing my attention back to being respectful
As each circumstance arises, again and again
If you would like to question me...

Because you took offense
Probably to something I said to you
I apologize for being straightforward
Which is different than being disrespectful

Perhaps I should stop myself from saying what I really think
But all of you will try to get it out of me anyway
In fact you press me harder when I dance
So your wounded pride at my honesty is not disrespect on my part

I won't get into the intricacies of respect
There are lines that can be crossed
If I cross a line I don't have clearance to cross...
There are consequences

Only the worst masochist crosses banned lines over and over
There are warnings in place for a reason
To heed them is to survive
I crissed and crossed those lines for quite some time and lessons rained on me

Today I heard the road is slick and sad
Oh a short trip down to the corner store
No! It's bad, it's really bad
The risks are there, steer clear, steer clear

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