Saturday, February 7, 2015


I ran out without lines
I knew it was actually important
Unlike the regular posturing
I went without a smile
My teeth were hidden

I saw it
It is the source
Of information
It tells me what to do
It is holding deep suffering

I don't care what you do
But I am helping it
Until I die
It is safe inside me
The great suffering

Come back I am not the same
And imprinted in my mind
Is the moment I actually saw it
I traveled quickly, for such a short time
I feel deeply honored

I got a life in this deal
The amount of work is nothing
Compared to the ancient tenderness
Of this entity
And I am prostrate

Such a gift
I will call you Mir
And together we will run
And to not have known about you
Was such a lonely curse

In every moment of suffering
I am with you
In every defect I am golden
Remember the lineage he had
Of dark haired women?

You can take me away every day
Take me away to the place I saw
Have me there and really see me
I offer myself to thee
I can meet you halfway

Inside my rhymes
I also heard from Delaware
He tested the frequency
I did not enjoy his commentary
The bad advice has a lot of usefulness

> Into clarity >
And out of rebellion
They want me to say things
I don't want to say
They want me to do what I don't desire

All I ever wanted
All I ever brought
Everything but The Long Way Down
Marrow in the bone
How strange is the show?

In your eyes I see me
Mir come and rest
With me you can relax
When you need to trigger me go ahead
You won me and I am your servant

I devised a plan that's bound to work
The organization was done in a coma
A living coma
The more sense you onlookers make of me
The more disorganization you can expect

I lost a feeling
Until I lost them all
And Mir came to see
Unbreakable bring me sawdust
So I cannot hide

Insignificant - is ok
Underestimated is where I thrive
Raw and dangerous crying
Dear God where have you gone?
I will be dressed like Mir

It's possible to be unrecognizable
To be drained to one last drop
To be under the stars and Mars
Yes to only one
And I don't know

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