Friday, February 6, 2015

Obsessions Become a Job

To be frank...
I am not pointing a finger at anyone.
I am warning people who don't know...
I can easily point the finger at myself.

I do not feel like I always want to talk
All about myself
I have observations about other people
Which may not always be right

But I watch everyone even when I am...
Not looking in their eyes.
Or looking at their physical form.
I am bragging, but I keep track of people...

But this is not about me
People begin to understand how deeply...
I can see inside of souls
And I am a spotlight they want to go away

This is not about me
To the point...
Some of you are lightly picking up heavy obsessions

They look so small...even cute maybe...
And you may even find yourselves reorganizing your life around them
and hardly noticing

At a certain point it isn't fun
At another point you may realize you are only having fun
because you are traumatized

Because if you really look at what you are doing that is so fun
and you still have some sanity
you will see how far out you are and I am

And when you find yourself doing these things again and again
you will slowly realize it was a trap
and here no one has rights to leave

I am not setting you up
other people have been using me
for their devices for years and years and years

So if you met me this summer
you are out of your depth
and I am not taunting you
with excommunication

If you see me coming


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