Monday, July 29, 2013

Forget Me Not

Forget me not, she said to herself, as she looked in the mirror.
Narcissus at the pond, staring at his own reflection.
Name me a face and I'll name you a name.
Reminders of a lost tomorrow.
Sometimes sounds like forever after.

My emotions boil, covered.
Imagery of dinosaurs and tar pits.
Wherever you are, you are not far.
And when I'm alone I'm happy.
With others I am frequently happy too.

Sorry is another hereafter.
And final sale means final sale.
When I'm off on another planet dictating to the sun.
People dream of demon people.
We're off and on, like light switches.

Don't speak about another language unless you're prepared to stand behind it.
Don't further yourself from your goal.
Do find reasons to grow any day of the week.
Do create something inside yourself you can hold in your heart.
Do remember the moments that shaped you.

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