Saturday, July 13, 2013

Synergy brought us together and it will rip us apart.

This is a poem lucky and true.
If I can't outwit him, than neither can you.
But you tried to be fixed in your decisions.
Understanding the revisions and the incisions.

Impressed with himself he steps on the prepared grand fa├žade.
As long as I live images will always deceive me and I nod.
Dowdy love has a place in the long-run.
Expecting a below the margin profit, under the gun.

Suddenly he's reversed.
Anagram to your double negative and he cursed.
I tried to be like a sappy lover.
Inanimate one, I am the cover.

I cover up the spills and inner grief with a gift.
It's not like the other halfway presents I gave you before the rift.
Happy men are not at fault.
Ginger are the fingers cut with salt.

Undiscovered still by my deep hiss.
Being there is a nebulous kiss.
Noon feels like the dueling hour.
Hunger is done and eats of silences sour.

You pass and I'll wait.
No remorse for files, hard copies by state.
"Alea Iacta Est."
And with it came a test.

You shall be patient and kind.
And never looming in your mind.
Gone are the memories so rightfully won.
Beg only for the right to work, borrowing none.

Non is a nice way of saying no.
I will learn my lines by woe.
Fickle animal who is hidden.
By all the vitriolic ribbon.

Quondam by any clock.
Hurry is the building block.
Interested in his introspection.
Candy to the predilection.

No Fear hastens wandering bystanders to cry.
Before you I will blandly try.
Heat like the sand paper polishing away.
Never mind me, veils reveal highlights and shadows in decay.

Plus satin sheets and tears arming me for you.
Hidden mansions by your twilight, made for two.
Silent in the evening, mow the lawn if you have time.
Assumption by want of desire beating a sign.

Myrtle and grace went out a walking.
Bitter crooked forks find humorless retorts and halting.
Gory details packed away in odorless recessed space.
Linger now for you have been misplaced.

Drink of my hidden spring bubbling north by Abruzzo.
Berries are arcane, brambles darken pathways better than you know.
So surrender yourself to thematic prose when you hear the words unlock the soul.
I joke better when I am anathema to your droll.

Smile and remember the book Uncommon Carriers.
Enervation et alia I suppose.
Belt slack and unprepared.
Random differentiation die spent and spared.

I spent more time being less obtuse.
My cart hastened by how hard I tried to pull it loose.
Song before I wed on a third day of June.
I wasn't thoughtful in a clever way by rune.

In your heart there is an answer back in terrifying tone and stammering lead.
Slob in hellian prideful need.
Be my master, wonder why it hurts as much as it quenches.
I found my anthem on a post-it note bereave me of my stenches.

Ordinary singular man in charge base and flaccid by safety's sake.
Soon bottles open wounds, whore in scarlet aliteration or prestidigitation's wake.
Formerly known as Finnegan, bones now browned altered by his lover's deal.
When we pay homage to the dead I am of sound mind we don't want to partake in that meal.

Be dissonant, twice the strain.
Singer note the harmonies, the amicable chord is a refrain.
Jar the essence of tropical flowers without chemicals and the fetid aspect shows.
Never handled, only finessed, by thorns drip gagging foes.

If your song was brought on by flute I would pick up lyre.
Exonerate me breadth of an inch, compromised badly by recognition higher.
If it was a cinch how could it be underestimated beginning where we stood.
If you are high water, I am the shore, changed like our names in sanctity where there is never good.

High property taxes handed off before his time.
We grew complacent and drank in the pine and wine.
Blessings are good aplenty, but the hardship taught the hardest, primeval spark how to grow.
Sunshine your bindings and release my victim in innuendo if not liberty for show.

Kindred hearts that bind themselves into a makeshift cage.
Tender wire of glass on a stage.
Enmeshing is not healthy or safe it is novice and weak.
Sounds in France are broken when you speak.

Disenchanted lover why went you to Paris by your private jet?
Last one standing beyond the minds I met.
Dangled like a burden soon to be cast off in prayer.
I shot the lids right off those bottles, I created a lesser care.

Silences are never hard to come by when I am hard on myself.
Breached contracts and settlements, predisposition for wealth.
Hooks like yours are hard to follow in my position.
Never crown the jester, bring back real sedition.

Overplayed by a few, doomed, intractable days wore the burnt out sombre hue I was allied with in spirit.
Formerly the fresh breath of air, now stale and expended for good and none go near it.
Human being you are all kinds of danger till you find your ambrosia from the Gods.
Dressed down stains and assorted timid glances fend off those overanxious nods.

Your solid lawyers have not stamped the sheckled pages with approval en masse.
See past your vision by letting the horizon lead you on in bombast.
Never felt cinders by the cinderblock.
Friends your flames are sent for you in the number we call luck, superstition is a mismatched interlock.

When the teeth do not fit the jaw in the trap.
I minted myself and beat you to the chase until bitten by your slap.
Demeanor is free when you're riding with me.
But laughter and silken words are not a negotiable, lots of life soften my lee.

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