Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Love

My love is relentless.
If the challenge is not large enough I am clearly not worth it.
Despite my attempts I lose every battle.
Since I'm not the one who's directing.
She sells herself as chattel.

And if you dare to compare her to another woman.
Contempt and scorn are brought to table.
When I was born I fell in love.
And from that day forward love worked it's magic, my first addiction.
To this day if I had my way I might prefer less fire in my chart.

Sad eyes are welcome young and wide like a vessel.
But over time you'll tire of that too.
Eyes bright and wet with dew.
And so I say, "Let your dreams drift away...and see if they return one day."
You are only as free as you choose to be.

Kissing cousins is never fair.
And looking back I stood the ground I had.
An island, silken sand.
And even in the worst of times it was not without you.
Your shadow passed a golden sun across my view.

So tend your flock and raise your staff.
As in the text it's a craft.
And when you rise I rise up too.
I am not.
Not you too.

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