Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Carried by American Intelligence to French Intelligence: A Dream

I had an intricate dream last night. I had a ticket with a layover in America going to France. I carefully packed the gifts I had been given, and the focus was on the jewelry: purple chevron earrings stood out. Many different colors and styles handmade. And I picked out my clothes carefully. When I went to check my bag they said I could have their special service where they cleaned the clothes during the flight and I took it. When I arrived at the next airport and went to retrieve my bag at the carousel it was filled with loose clothes in a mountain and I couldn't find my bag. I was weeding through the clothes and I started picking out clothes I just liked and put them in a pile. Then something happened and I couldn't have them.

Next I was in a fight with a dark haired woman who wanted to pull me over a ledge, but other people came and helped me, two other women, and we saved each other. I felt I couldn't catch my flight until I had my bag. I told an airport employee that my bag was filled with bugs (not insects, tracking devices and listening devices) and just when I despaired a woman came over and said, "I saw you check this before, I thought you might want it" and she handed me my bag.I looked at her and cried with gratitude. I went somewhere in the airport and sat on the floor untangling and organizing my jewelry in front of some airport guys. Then time kind of shifted and one of them seemed worried I wouldn't make my flight to France and I said I would be done in twenty minutes. Then I looked out a window and saw the word l'aƩroport and that's when I realized I was already in France. Somehow I got the information that the American government had been changing my medication, altering my reality.

Then I was in France and I had a bundle of necklaces in my hands. I walked to a bench and sat down, after I left and walked up the street I realized I left them on the bench, but it was to late because someone took off with them. As I walked back toward the bench I saw some kind of mythical animal I named a "snow ball head" It was all white and furry with a round snow ball head. I was definitely in a different land. As I walked back over to the bench a man came out of a shop with his arms filled with handmade French necklaces and he tried to give them to me to replace the ones that had just been taken, but I hesitated. He worked for the French government. A girl was with him and she told me to look sadly into his eyes, which I did and we spoke in French. Then he gestured at two tangerines hanging in front of me...and I woke up.

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