Saturday, February 22, 2014

What If I Don't Like The Storyline?

Sometimes I find myself in a story where I don't like the storyline.
Then, whether I am tired or sedate I find the energy to do something to change it.
Now I say something inspirational about how we can all do this, etc...
Is it uncool to use emoticons in poems? So, do you think someone will publish me with a winky face following a sentence?

I am not really looking for an answer there.
Although please join in, this is a party of one here.
In snowy, relentless Colorado.
Where it seems like everyone is sick all winter.
And the gym is filled with guys who eye.

So, yes, I don't like this storyline and so I'm changing it right now.
By saying I don't like it.
Ha! It's as simple as that.
Now you, whoever you are who thinks of plots, can just sit tight.
I write the plots, or rather Van Gogh does.

Anyway, this is not my story now, so I'm happy.
Thank God.
It's time to release the hounds and the policemen.
Run the streets.
And I'll be here where I'm safe.

Nothing too descriptive, the perfect amount of generality.
With a dash of salt and a touch of smoke.
Up in smoke.
And we're all wandering around again and wondering how we got here.
Jesus what were we thinking?

But tomorrow, tomorrow, well tomorrow, the damage is already done.
Despite my best objections there was nothing I could do.
Except be "there" in those moments when no one else was or could be, could fill that position.
And in the end it's my heart that calls me back.
To the reminder that I love people, but I can't love them all.

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