Thursday, February 6, 2014

This is How I Die

This is How I Die

Despite my best attempts to kill myself or get other people to do it for me I'm not going to die until I'm 103 years old. I will die in a European country where equality and no disturbances reign, because we tire of our separate sufferings. I actually do not like living in that realm, although I will always have the memories both written and in my mind, and so I have my love. People may try and die. Death becomes increasingly outlawed since we have to serve our terms here on earth. This is my last term, the finale of all my lives, that's why I don't die earlier. Once I am finished here with this final gift I go up to the next level and become a beginner again. Yes, I know you are there, hearing me, and by this connection I also know you know I am ready. 

My body is held as a sacred treasure since I never really age and I am put in a glass case for people to come and look at. As the crowds overwhelm my spirit which hasn't disconnected yet I feel my last pang of suffering and indignation when a young woman says, "She's here! I feel her here!" And with that she sends me flying away from my body into the great beyond. Before I disconnect I feel disturbed over what my life was, what it turned into, I became a novelty people wanted to examine. It happened slowly at first, but with each person the numbers increased. So that is how I die in the future world that already exists somewhere waiting for us.

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