Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Human Ends

How do I stumble so close
And find nothing
Where is my dexterity
No, where is my youth

Like my insides
Soon I realize
I am not meant to do much

Inside I consume
Onyx like polished coal
And what I think
Is the least of my worries

Like a live wire
Thrilling with electricity
I speak to few
And yourself

With jailers I call my night
Before a bent peg
How amazing it is to be buffered
When I feel fear in every cell

Bent, red-speckled, labored, time
History does not repeat
Font like mysterium
And it will end

History comes and goes
And your omniscience
Glows and friezes
Betwixt tight rope walkers discs

Your silver medal
Should be platinum
Before hemming her in with dew
As well ask freedom

Be the rule
Dissent houses you
And remember
When I came to you, he came too

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