Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pelea Anisata

From the slopes of Mount Waialelae
Pelea Anisata you are
I see fragments of you
I see great beauty, strength, and love
Not just your love
But a great love between you and another
Your ancestry is alive in you
And I remember the intensity with which we got to know each other
As though we should take all the time and fill it with our stories
And we saw ghosts of the past and things only we could understand or outright did not understand at all
But we tried to figure it out, quickly, and fiercely
Before long I saw into you and you saw into me
You remind me we are still sisters
Time can pass and years go by
But I know you are there
Here words fail me as I am humbled by you
Perhaps I don't know how to say it very well
The Pelea Anisata I only know from afar
Where angels seek refuge
And you are the star

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