Monday, June 9, 2014

In A Nonchalant Way

If I remember it correctly
You acted in a nonchalant way
You tossed your brown hair
Straight and smooth

We didn't speak that day
In the month of July
It is nearly our anniversary
Eleven years ago

I am either the type to freeze or take flight
Suddenly still or hardly there
I jumped out of my body
Like a golden shot

It is as though you never came
As if I remember only a lucid dream
But no I never dream of you
I see you when my eyes are wide open

I see you in a passing car
Or at the alternate track
I buy two shirts
One for you and one for me

There is no defeat by you
Because you never competed
I have only one recollection
You saw me, saw that I was not really there

And every time I remember that moment
The moment I never saw
Because, yes, you know
Gone from me, only forever in front of me

Draw a line from me to you
And I will walk it
Over cities and tall buildings
To the manor at the other side of the world

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