Thursday, June 12, 2014

This is How I Feel

I feel exceedingly nervous about the direction things are taking.
I do not know what this direction is.
But I feel quite panicked about it.
Did I mention I am anxiety ridden?
Too bad, I should have accepted the Thorazine.

I once had a friend who put herself to sleep with sleeping pills.
She put herself to sleep when she could not stand the feelings.
Now I totally get it.
I might write this, and then hide under the covers, in a dark room.
It will be moderately unbearable no matter what.

Oh no! They say. What happened? Are you okay?
Nothing happened. I am okay. I am just very afraid.
Why? Why?
I don't know. The worst answer.
Somehow I know a disaster is impending.

It's really brilliant how some people are made of stone or ice.
Anything can happen.
They can eat potato chips, while watching a high speed accident.
In real life.
I was predicting a large mess in a certain location, let me be wrong.

But I do not think I am wrong.
I watched the acceleration and the achievement of warp speed.
Did you know...once you open the throttle are actually less safe?
It's true, an accident at five mph, is significantly less dangerous.
So don't be surprised if you find me riding a tricycle. Laugh it up.

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