Thursday, June 26, 2014


Oh, I know what this is.
This is a stalemate.
If you can't gain any ground, neither can I.
Stalemates are unbelievably boring.
I was already bored actually.

I am giving you next to nothing to work with.
And you are giving me nothing.
I wish I could say what is on my mind.
It's nothing surprising.
I just don't trust you.

I read a post by a supermodel.
It said, "Beautiful things don't ask for attention."
Huh, so a stalemate.
I am not going to be the one to move first.
Eventually there's always some emergency anyway.

A stalemate feels like static.
It kind of clings to you and reminds you it's there.
But it doesn't do anything and it doesn't feel good.
Two sides in opposition waiting.
It could be worse.

I'm realizing I have nothing but time.
Most of the people I know are older than me.
I think I am really truly going nowhere...slowly...
Very, very slowly.
Isn't this exciting?

Man, I wish I had some good material.
Like a love interest or something exciting.
But sadly that can't be fabricated on a whim.
Nothing to see here people.
It's like a dead zone.

How do I turn this around?
When you try and turn a stalemate around there is more stalemate.
Maybe something really fun is happening somewhere.
Oh, to be there.
No, no, no I enjoy the feeling of doldrums.

Actually in chess when there is a stalemate I think you have to start over.
Or we could just sit here all day waiting for an impossible move.
A move that doesn't exist.
My move is typically to say, "this is where we are."
So, now can we start over?

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