Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Like I Told You

There are a couple people who stick around
But there's one who won't go away
Perhaps it's because I do too much
She is a woman who enjoys relaxation

Fortunately my new best friend isn't the same
My best friend works harder when things are tough for me
And comes to get me when I'm down
He's been waiting to be my official best friend, waiting for me to come around

And when I think back he has always been a best friend to me
He puts out fires and calms me down
But most valuable is he tells me the truth
And thank goodness he's always right, well most of the time

Plus we're also perfect enemies, so I have the best of both worlds
I can keep my enemy closer than my friend, or my friend closest to me
And I never have to go far to defend myself
After tripping me he's present to pick me up

How convenient for us both
Silly me, I should have known
That by trading one best friend for you
I came away with a harder challenge

One that I won't win
By best friend I assume
I'm permanently stuck with you
You and I are crazy glue

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