Friday, September 12, 2014


I see adobe all around me.
This is a different land.
A land in which new characters appear.
They speak to me telling me their story.

I am reminded of how many places there are in this world.
I will go many places.
The architecture speaks to me about histories long and short.
If I truly look at everything with my eyes open I can't miss it.

In this area my eyes transform from sapphire blue to turquoise.
The colors here are bright, infused with life.
Life is not tame.
Wildness is organized all around.

The mentality speaks to something sacred.
In between the cracks and the broken crosswalks.
Inside the mountains there are gemstones unconquered by our hands.
I walk beside you.

You are with me now.
In a way I am imaginary.
The fleeting feeling of being absolutely in control.
I let the ball roll.

And the yet unsatiated parts.
Prisoner to some inconcrete, unapproachable obstacle.
I'm searching to fill that last small void.
Before I depart and find another need to meet.

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