Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm Probably Going to Be Killed

Something I don't write about a lot is what often seems like a fact to me.
I believe it is a fact I will be murdered.
I'm not going to live to be one hundred and three.
"He" is going to get me.

If people I know decide to cut off contact with me to save themselves know I understand.
I know a lot of people love me.
People I don't even know have put themselves on the line for me.
But enough is enough.

Waiting for him to do it is the hardest part.
This started about a decade ago - for me.
For all the people who have suffered because of me you will never know how sorry I am.

For a long time no one believed the things I was saying.
I wasn't telling them to hurt them I was trying to save them.
If you have knowledge you DO have power.
It might not save you forever, but it will buy you time.

I don't have any advice to give you if you are even able to read this.
My advice is to find love and stay in love as long as you can.
"He" knows that love is the only thing that can defeat him.
He is suffering so deeply it is like chains around his neck.

Pay attention and notice as much as you can around you.
If he comes too close, do something, take evasive action.
Follow your instincts.
Buying time is always good.

He will be caught.
If I have to die for his capture I am ready.
If you have to let me walk into that to save people do it, don't hesitate.
I am not afraid of dying.

In fact after everything I've been through I think it is a wise choice to make.
To all the people who've been doing their best to help: you are my heroes.
I have heroes all around me.
Don't be a hero when he comes for me.

I have a secret.
There is one person who can defeat him.
"He" hasn't been able to find him.
In the end he is the only one who can save me.

Rely on the fact that I have one immeasurable asset on my side.
An asset only I know about so no one is endanger there.
I will take this secret to my grave.
Thank you everyone, thank you Colorado for giving me a chance, thank you to the government for supporting me, thank you friends and enemies, thank you God, and thank you Mr. X for teaching me everything I know.

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