Friday, December 12, 2014

I'd Like to Buy Some Time

I don't have money to speak of
But may I buy some time?
I'm willing to pay in words and ways
The end of the day creeps up on me

I was thinking about Los Angeles today
There are thousands of people there
Famous in their minds
But I don't think using the imagination puts us in tabloids

I was thinking about someone in particular
And how I feel like she's not going to make it
In her chosen profession
But when I had that thought it also made me think this could be the moment it happens

I think being young brought out the dreamer in me
Hatching a lot of plans
But doing very little
Beneath me I am free

Can I accept everything that comes to me without fear?
I watch people bar their doors
It's a violent time
Perhaps if I always open my door and smile we can all be friends

And if I dance quickly enough without inhibitions
We can make the monologue into an ensemble
At this point in my life
I enjoy going solo and collaborating equally

If I sound sure of myself
It means I trust everyone
But only to play their parts
And I realize what others cannot do I must

Toward the sky made of ice I run and rise
To the soil I rest in peace
In pain I feel alive
And I avoid the fire, because it burns me

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