Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Stop Saying "Classified"

This morning my day started when I heard, "That's classified. That's also classified. All of it's classified."
Okay we get it's, "Classified."
And before last week it was all unclassified.
But now since it's classified no one can do anything.

I didn't understand how that worked in the beginning.
Following that I jumped around the classrooms looking for my target.
There's this other guy who knows my name now.
He thinks he's embroiled in some kind of top secret operation.

When I left after I watched your face turn purple...
I was hiding behind a beam peeking out to see if you were leaving.
I didn't see you...
But when I turned to go I saw that guy who I think saw me looking for you.

He looked amused.
The way I know he looked amused was because I saw the back of his head as he walked away with his coffee from Starbucks.
I can tell what someone is feeling from looking at the back of their head.
The only reason I was surprised you were there was because I thought it was a one time deal.

Then I spent a long time trying to silently figure out what you're doing.
It doesn't make sense to me that you would come work out with me if you were planning on killing me.
But after everything that's happened I have to allow for any possibility.
It seems like a sweet thing to do, to get ready together.

The only thing I totally missed was how you got into the female locker room.
I can imagine you might make that into a bigger part of your job requirement.
There are more hot bodies in Boulder than L.A. even!
Honestly it doesn't work the other way, I don't want to be inside the men's room.

The part you missed, but I think got later...
Was that I was being a distraction and it helped you.
All you knew was that you were hearing my voice and you wanted it to stop.
I base this on the traditional intolerant look I elicit from you.

After a long bout of intensive thinking...
The conclusion I come to is: either this is the beginning of something or nearly the end.
I have no idea what's going on.
But I know it's "Classified."

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