Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's Not About Weakness

his wings will grow some day
I picked him up and carried him to a high  
he didn't know
he always thought he had wings

now he can be a detective of the past
go back and forth and find the truth
he won't die for me when I have to leave
I make commitments one at a time
the beauty of his practice is only beginning

he will surrender so they don't break him
I don't think he can believe how many people are on my tail
from his vantage point he watches them go

the idea might work
thanks for the insight
related to an instinctual connect we have
as long as he's Mexican
and I'm White

none of us are permanently changing our
we could, but we don't want to
we want to scream
but the electrical current is too strong

before him, the fallen god Pan, there was
love, light, power, danger, mystery!
one goal remains
hold my hand
I'll show you

my fingers quiver
but it's not about weakness
there remains an edge of fear
it's mine
take some!

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