Monday, December 1, 2014

Leaving the Demilitarized Zone

I'm leaving the demilitarized zone.
It feels like I stare too long.
I only stare because everyone else does.
Strange to see the celebrity inside.

By proxy, by symbiosis, by subjugation.
The clatter behind me.
Please, please, please make me do it.
I have the ability.

Fridays find me searching.
The weekend is without parameters.
Those rich college kids do it.
And their parents protect them.

Time the strong.
I am present to a miracle.
I brought my whip.
It has to be here somewhere.

Completely stricken, but no remorse.
I can't be remorseful.
I can persuade large numbers.
The defectors are still ominous.

The excitement; like party favors.
Begin to dose me with elixirs.
Because I can tell.
I can always tell.

Beyond the stars are bays.
The constellations are different.
Some people think they can touch them.
Try to pull them down to eat.

I'm new in town.
To pity me could be a mistake.
Especially when the pity is contempt.
I felt it leave my cheek.

Quote me.
I directly ask.
Under the rock.
So solid and stable.

A conversational tone.
We sit at the table.
And forget it.

To create almond eyes.
Out of dinner plates.
I wasn't expecting this.
Devoid of sunshine.

To save rainwater.
To heal my eyes.
It was this easy before.
But shocking and tepid.

I think of five traitors.
To be banished.
And by my hand.
Power fluctuates through me.

Dreamy insider catapult.
Green windows.
In the basement he picks them apart.
I do not see it.

As long as this happens I am fine.
Settling like flies.
I can feel them.
How many?

That was a long time ago.
I still see the burning ember.
Depletion for me.
It's on the whole time.

Too extraordinary by yards.
The fabric is poisonous.
That spot in between.
Land here or on the sidewalk.

So much higher.
It happens.
When I go off the beaten path.
Where memories are forbidden.

Jot it down.
On a pad.
With a pencil.
And a flourish.

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