Tuesday, December 30, 2014

the sound of surrender

ocean run back and forth
use your waves for expansion
reach around the world

Sun use your golden energy to bring warmth
fire burn in a container

sky open your openness
Greece put out your soldiers
to march us

wind cut through stagnation
ice keep it together
flowers let your seeds fall into my mouth

live like living is the only thing
and love over and over
start over

under the tree
buried crystals were found
and I remember you

creek tell your story
about the man who was killed there
talk to me and i'll listen

Stars hold me
sequins cover me
my mouthpiece is made of frost and millet

brothers you are my keepers
sisters you are my friends
brother and sisters we are always near

bring me a muse
who knows how to laugh
so we can be found

tie me up in emerald green raw silk
if you need to take something
take it from me

if you need it take it
wheat for your flour
butter for your bread

now go and do your work
put the attention on yourself
trust trepidatious lyrics

soul in
breathe out
full stop

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