Saturday, December 27, 2014

Run Around

I started running around again.

I've done this a bunch of times.

This guy in L.A., looks like David Fincher

We ran around

whatever - that means

I also ran around a lot alone

I don't think L.A. is dangerous at all

we got into - our matching jumpsuits - and ran around

We ran around the park and we ran around the trucks

We went to a county fair together in Bethlehem, New Jersey

And then we watched a movie

- we watched Newsroom

And that dog was pretty cute

The one with the blue fedora

- oh hell -

The next time I drive off a cliff - embankment - especially Mulholland Drive
Remind me to fasten my seat belt

It's hard to come back from that

I'll just keep it a secret

I wonder how many people have called the EMTS?

It seems like a bad thing

sometimes it is, I don't understand it

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