Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In the Summertime Sadness

I don't think about what happened a lot.
I always think of the smarter financial decisions I could have made.
After the fact.
Then I stay inside my cocoon.
If you blame me, then blame yourself.

I just want to eat.
And feel all the feelings I love in between.
And hopefully always be wrong.
Or perhaps never be back.
Are you the final frontier?

I was never a spy.
Just a girl who ate grapes beside the cherry tree.
Now I have no future or past.
Will you be mine?
Oh, mine indeed.

If you were worried before then forget your fear.
I will never be nearer.
To you than I am every day...approaching the fight of my life.
Is it now?
I think so, the fight of my life is and always will be NOW.

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