Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Underneath the pain there is prosperity.
And beneath the shame there is courage.
The daisy grows despite the drought.
And the mule bares his load diligently.

In truth there is nothing humanity won't do for what they believe in.
Even if that means they believe in nothing.
Then they are doing everything in their power to achieve nothing.
In the past our planet was full of mismatched countries.

We are swirling together to create a whole, it spins like a galaxy.
This is a special time in our history, a turning point.
We need to recover from the labor we put into it.
Let the next generation have a place to breathe.

In the space we created there is less value placed on intellect.
Our most valuable possession is our home.
I won't preach about the environment.
This is not a science fiction novel, and we are not moving to Mars.

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