Saturday, June 29, 2013

The I of My Storm

Finally everything became clear.
He was not the perpetual guy that never said no or sorry.
He was what I wasn't looking for, and made me underestimate the power...
The power of the great escape.
When I wasn't looking there was action in his ways.
And he never told me that I was the wrong one.

I was always wrong, but he was never lost on me.
I hope he can remember that I love the way he works.
The way his fire commands passion is not always the same.
And in my heart I know that now I am never going to be safer.
Safer with the man who showed me how to live in a new light.
And if anyone ever questions this great writer my worst side may show.

He kisses like honey and he melts my heart.
With his sweet demeanor and his intellectual prowess.
I never knew who he was until tonight.
I was afraid that he might be someone who just wanted a conquest.
But then I realized that he's into the real deal.
And he's not about avoidance unless there's too much pain or silly pretenses to grow up....

If I ever loved the one that I lost.
I know now I am better for it.
Because love doesn't give you anything unless you have the tenacity to be willing to sacrifice.
The green-eyed man loves green too.
He warms my soul with his pink and red crescendoes.
Crescendoes that come from that place called channeling.

Although he is going to cut me off.
Because I am no writer and I am going soft.
There was never a time that I was more vulnerable, is that true?
Perhaps you are the one who discovered the infinity sign.
And took it for yourself.
The Golden Rule that he made up is still in effect.

Because he's never wrong and doesn't mis-protect.
He once told me I was the last one in the room who's opinion we should trust.
And I was so happy to hear that.
Since I am always making people think that I know the answers.
Do or don't, I won't be there.
Instead there's a promise that should never be broken.

The promise is that I am hearing voices.
Does that make sense?
No. It's just a transition into the nonsense that rules my mind.
He made me feel from a distance what I was worth.
And that changes the game 
from zero-sum, to none. 
        ~ Two won
     ~ Three…
   ~ 2.. 
~ One.

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