Friday, June 14, 2013


Once I took my possessions apart.
I broke open trinkets and ripped the seams of bags made in China.
It was only after the damage was done that I realized...
The objects we own are sometimes fatal.
And the air I was breathing was filled with lead dust.

I stuffed some old jewelry into a bottle full of foundation for my face.
I unraveled my clothes looking for clues and all I found out was how they were made.
I unlocked my treasures looking for gold.
Instead I made a ruin, I made a huge mess.
What I uncovered or accomplished I really don't know.

I know I was left with a disaster, more for me to clean up.
But even worse mentally I was fraught.
The decisions I make always make me feel like a fool.
The choices are stupid and the outcome is nil.
Although I do assume that there is no one like me and there never will.

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