Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Cause

If I had a just cause I never said so.
The other day I went to church and saw a statue in the yard.
It was of a woman who had a calm expression.
It made me feel fine.

So, I went and prayed.
I asked God to give me the power of patience.
Something I had only as a small child.
Can a child be more patient than an adult?

Now that I am grown up I am more hurried.
And I watch my life pass by in a rush of movement.
Or rather, I delve into the depths at the threshold of my soul.
Hoping to find what I lost.

A therapist once told me that I would pull the tree of my life up by the roots when I was ready.
Only then would I be able to start fresh.
I told him that I left my heart in L.A. and I would have to go back to reclaim it.
I went back and I found my heart here.

It was waiting for me, protected by the best.
Now that I have my heart can I keep it safe?
Maybe my friends will borrow it and give it away.
My heart is made of paper and glass.

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