Monday, June 17, 2013

The Hardest Thing

The worst part is losing your warmth.
I feel lost and alone.
Like nothing can replace the attention you gave me.
I am an empty shell of what I was with you.
I feel like I can't continue.

Do you even miss me?
I want to lay down and give up.
It's cold and heartless without your passion.
Without your touch...
Your fire seemed to drive me and now I am nothing.

I am wilted and sad.
With nothing left to go for.
There is no one wanting me or taking me to heart.
I wonder if you feel the same sense of loss.
Or if the chains that bound you are broken.

If I was a chain that made you feel sick I am sorry.
My links to you are all gone.
I left something in your old bathroom entirely by mistake.
Will you throw it all away or save it?
My time with you was running out anyway, but this is something I can't come back from.

The fire that was burning in my heart is dead.
The embers are lost and I am put out.
I thought there was magic here in L.A.
But it was only you and you never wanted me to stay.
I am going to die and live another day.

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